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Locksmith Traning Bolton, North West

Keymaster services offers a fully one to one tuition base, geared toward individual development of the nessasary skills to fully operate a locksmith business. The modules are geared to a continuous learning schedule, providing practical skills, from lock opening techniques, to fitting, repairing and servicing, of all major locks and security devices. key cutting, key recognition, tool construction and use.

The modules are constructed in such a way that one skill set will lead on to the next, paving the way for total confidence in the trainee locksmiths abilities, please be advised this is not a 3, 4 or 7 day introduction course, the course is ongoing untill the required skills are understood, At the end of your training all trainees will recieve a certificate of competance, and full membership to the AAL, association of accredited locksmits, together with full written module notes and CD advice on setting up your business together with access to tool purchasing. providing tools, and equipment, books, videos and a 24 hour support line and mobile call centre, providing advise and assistance in the field

Locksmith tuition modules

Module 1

1 lock recognition
Rim Cylinder
euro cylinder
Cam lock
Warded locks
Lock structure and servicing

Module 2

Understanding, structure and resetting of
Set pins
Double wafer locks
Dimple locks and their componant parts
Lock stripping, and componant parts
Pins and security pins
Driver pins
Diablo pins
Mushroom pins
Serrated pins
Set pins

Module 3

Repinning rim and euro cylinders
Shimming a cylinder
Resetting a cylinder to a new key
Introduction to simple master sets and pinning

Module 4

Bypassing rim cylinders
Garage door locks
Tubular locks and keys
Picking tubular locks
Locksmith tools
Correct use and construction of tools
All cylinder hand picks
Pick guns
Tubular picks
Bike picks
Disc picks
Digital lock bypass tool
Letterbox tool
Euro snap bar
Bump keys
Rake keys
Preparing and construction of rake keys

Module 5

Mortice locks
Componant parts
Stripping and restructure
Lock recognition

Module 6

Cut depths and wards, tours, and springs
Lever pack recogniton
Refitting keys to levers
Multi set lever locks, (same key set)
Use of wafers and spacers in mortice sets
Open and closed levers
Bathroom locks
2, 3 and 5 lever locks
Sash locks
Rim locks
Mortice picks
Hobbs pick
Wheel picks
Curtain picks
Non curtain picks

Module 7

Full fit, rim cylinders
Full fit
Mortice and sash locks
Measuring for backset
DB morticer
Setting out and retro fitting lock sets

Module 8

Stuck and broken keys
Seized locks
Spreading tools
Non destructive entry
Covert opening techniques

Module 9

Operation of euro locks
Stripping and refitting euro mortice frame locks
Stripping and reassembly of multi point locks

Module 10

Plateing locks ( using DB shovel )
Secondary locking systems inc,
Internal security products
Tower bolts
Sash bolts
Chain locks
Window locks
Sash jammers
Sash retainers
Window locks
Window restrictors

Module 11

Opening techniques
Internal covert security
Securing upvc doors without locks
Stripping and servicing multipoint locks
Bypassing and plateing multi point locks
Roller cams
Hook sets
Emegency nite locks
Mortice euro deadbolts
Mortice euro sash locks
Vectise locks

Module 12

Non destructive entry procedures
Where and when possible
Destructive entry
Ramifications, limited access criteria
Limited destructive access
Drilling cylinder lock and alternative access
Drilling mortice locks and hardplate
Alternative access methods
DEP procedures on padlocks, tubular locks, medico, high security, adams rite, ingersol, etc
Customer care and security options
Duty of care policies
Use of multi point door spreader
Use of bull plug puller
Siezed locks
Broken keys
Stuck keys
Lock and key impressioning techniques

Please be advised that although the modules listed contain all related skills relevent to the trainees course, aspects of each module have been omitted, and will only be disclosed during the relative course work, aspects of destructive entry will only be taught to competent trainees,

Keymaster services will operate at all times a duty of care to both customers and trainee locksmiths, and retain at all times the right to withdraw tuition to any individual it considers unsuitable for continued training,

Before commencement of training, all trainess are required to provide two forms of identification containing their current address ie, passport driving licence, medical card, utilities bills, together with a Criminal records bureau CRB disclosure, and two recent passport size photograph

Please be advised that, Bump keys and rake keys are available to purchase along with many other relevent tools and equipment, tools are available from keymaster services from reputable supply houses, manufacturers and suppliers,we will not supply tools to any non registered members or Members of the public, we ask all trainess to acknowledge this and keep all tool safe

For details of course prices Either modules or full course prices, please be aware that individual courses containing details of :

Non Destructive entries
And Destructive entry procedures

Will not be taught as a one off course application, to any applicants who are not already registered or tradeing Locksmiths. Add on course work, for Upvc service and repair, is available to all applicants, subject to course appointmments. Please be advised that all Upvc course work is subject to costs and charges outside the control of keymaster services

All tools as equipment are available from Keymaster services:

Picks All British stardards Locks and security devices
Mortice locks
Rim Cylinders and Euro Cylinder
Bump keys
Rake keys
Impression kits
All entry products
Reset keys
Key blanks
Precut keys
Key machines
Pinning kits
Pull kits
Lever sets
Reset and code cards
Multi set locks
Nite locks
Door viewers
Safe locks

      Association of Accredited Locksmiths